Dibotics Becomes Outsight

Since 2015, Dibotics, a pioneer in Smart Machine perception, has developed real-time processing solutions for 3D data.

The two co-founders of Dibotics, Raul Bravo and Olivier Garcia, are prominent experts on Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics. They have spoken at the most prestigious international conferences in the industry. Their unique approach received numerous awards and seduced major players in the Automotive, Robotics and Aeronautics Industries in five continents.

Today, the company enters a new phase. Its founders join Cédric Hutchings (co-founder of Withings) and Scott Buchter (co-founder of Lasersec) to create a new entity, Outsight, based in Paris, San Francisco and Helsinki.

This new entity aims to combine the software assets of Dibotics with a new and revolutionary 3D sensor technology.

Outsight will unveil a major innovation that’s a result from this blending of hardware and software, at the AutoSens Show: the world event dedicated to autonomous vehicles, on September 17, in Brussels.

Founded in 2015 by Raul Bravo and Olivier Garcia, Dibotics is a pioneer in mapping and robotic localization solutions, also known as 3D SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Dibotics pushes the boundaries of 3D perception thanks to a unique data processing originating from Lidar, Cameras, Radars or Sonars.

Its disruptive approach that does not use “Machine Learning” enables detection and classification of objects in real-time, without the data sets needed to “learn”, whether it is on the road, inside an airport or from a helicopter.

The information is processed directly by the Dibotics chip and only mobilizes a limited amount of processing power, but still delivers enriched and precise information.

The company has therefore seduced leaders in the automotive industry, manufacturers as well as equipment suppliers, and established partnerships with key industry players such as semiconductors leader Renesas, LIDARs manufacturer Velodyne and automotive supplier AGC.

Its unique approach of machine perception received numerous awards in the US (“30 most Innovative companies to watch” from Insight Success, “10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies” by The Silicon Review) and in France (​Concours d’Innovation Numérique, iLAB, IE-Club 60, Concours de d’Innovation from l’ADEME and Séléction GENERATE by GICAT among others).

Raul and Oliver, prominent experts, have spoken at several prestigious conferences including AutoSens, IS Auto, ADAS Sensors, Automotive LiDAR conference, Autonomous Car Software Symposium, Cognitive Vehicles, Off-Road Autonomous Vehicles and many others.

Dibotics technologies have the ability to better understand and anticipate the 3D environment in real time. The already revolutionary technology of Dibotics is now taking one step further with Outsight notably by adding new hardware and photonic modules, which will be unveiled at Autosens.

Outsight will make a quantum jump in perception and simultaneous understanding for “Smart Machines”, including autonomous vehicles.

Outsight will show the first applications of its technology at AutoSens, the world Mecca of vehicle automation and self-driving cars, and unveil the company's vision during a plenary Keynote.

The founders of Dibotics are entrepreneurs, pioneers and experts with emblematic backgrounds. Raul Bravo, president of Outsight received his engineering degree at UPC Barcelona and MBA at Collège des Ingénieurs in France. He is a serial entrepreneur and was listed as one of the Top 10 Innovators on MIT’s Technology Review List under 35 and created several well-known companies in autonomous driving, developed the first robotic forklifts for warehouses, created hundreds of jobs, raised more than $125 million and took one of his companies through an IPO.

Olivier Garcia, also an engineering graduate of UPC Barcelona and graduate of Paris VI University is one of the world's leading experts in robotic algorithms, mainly for mapping and robotic localization solutions (3D SLAM). After working as a researcher at INRIA and Thales, he co-founded WifiBot (sold to Nexter) and developed several technologically foundational bases that today are used for autonomous vehicles (such as Navya/Induct), robotics (like Balyo) and more recently Dibotics with Raul.

Dibotics now enters a new phase by becoming Outsight. Raul and Olivier joined two entrepreneurs and complementary experts: Cédric Hutchings and Scott Buchter. With this new team Outsight will combine active software from Dibotics with revolutionary 3D sensor technology.

Cédric Hutchings studied engineering at Centrale Supélec Paris for his undergrad and attended MIT for his masters. He was vice-president of Nokia Technologies and the co-founder and CEO of Withings which he developed since its creation into an internationally recognized innovations company.

Dr. Scott Buchter, CTO of Outsight, is an expert in laser technology. He was formerly an MIT Lincoln Laboratory scientist and has published more than 50 papers and conference proceedings. He founded several companies which pushed the boundaries of laser development and the technology has been adopted by major industry players.

The Outsight founders have recruited top tier talent from around the world based in Paris, Helsinki and San Francisco.

Outsight aims to make a major breakthrough in applications and the perception of “Smart Machines” which will have an impact on several industries.

Outsight will unveil a major innovation which results from this combination of technologies, at AutoSens Show: the world event dedicated to autonomous vehicle, on September 17, in Brussels.

Source : Busineswire


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