From technology to business: change of focus as mobility start-ups mature

Outsight offers a fascinating case study of how one perception technology start-up is tapping diverse markets in its search for scale and growth. By Megan Lampinen

French start-up company Outsight is growing up quickly. Its potentially game-changing 3D Semantic Camera technology can help vehicles gain an accurate interpretation of their environment by detecting objects and their chemical composition in real-time.  A big part of what distinguishes this product from other detection systems on the market is the ability to determine the material composition of an object, allowing such distinctions as between a picture of a human and a real human.

The technology has potential applications in many industries, from monitoring crowds of people within airport terminals to safety navigating vehicles without a driver. The task of fine-tuning various go-to-market strategies falls to former Google executive Sébastien de La Bastie. As Chief Business Development Officer, his mission is to take Outsight from a technology start-up to a business-focused company, drawing on lessons learned not only at Google but also at technology specialists Invoxia and Swissvoice….

Source : Automotive World


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