STYCKR, hybrid risk management based on a fully autonomous IoT

STYCKR has raised €3M in total. We talked with Thomas Fayon, its CEO.

How would you describe STYCKR in a single tweet?

STYCKR is a hybrid risk management solution based on a fully autonomous IoT and a SaaS platform fuelled by powerful algorithms.

How did it all start and why?

STYCKR was born on December 2017 thanks to a former company I built which was in the fashion tech industry. At our (small) scale, we already had huge difficulties to precisely and instantly know how many products/raw materials were stocked in our warehouse and in the distributors’ one(s) or distributors’ shelves… so we began to think of an autonomous active device capable of sending information of positioning, stocks and of other variables. A few weeks after this finding, we met Air Liquide (famous French industrial company) that told us that the product we were about to develop was the one they’ve been looking for during 12 years. So here came the pivot! Features have been multiplied, predictive algorithms and neural networks are now empowering the system and the “fashion tracker” has become an “hybrid risk management solution” for industrials and micro-mobility actors.

What have you achieved so far?

We are now a team of 9 in Paris and 4 in San Francisco. Our V1 is working since January 2019 and is being deployed on fleets of assets. We are currently working on a V2 which will embed a nano-satellite chip.

What do you plan to achieve in the next 2-3 years?

The deeper wish I have is to be able to eradicate, thanks to our system, theft and hijack of NGOs rations (drugs and food). I don’t know if this goal is achievable in 2-3 years but it’s a deep wish I have.

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