Stemming from a personal R&D project in 2010, Aleph-Networks was born in February 2012 around the development of two innovative technologies:
  • Graymatter, a data collection and structuring technology, addressing Big Data issues
  • Safetygate, a distributed network technology (p2p) to address the risks associated with the transmission of sensitive information.
Aleph-Networks is the first winner of the GICAT Innovation Trophy presented by the Minister of Armed Forces at Eurosatory 2018.
  • PROMOTION #1 - March 2017


Cerbair is an anti-drone solution for detecting, locating and neutralizing malicious drones before they commit mischief. Resulting from French research, their radio frequency analysis and image recognition technologies protect against all civilian drones. Finally, the real-time alerting and doubt-raising system can neutralize the nuisance power of unwanted intruders through the use of various countermeasures such as jamming or the net launcher.
  • PROMOTION #1 - March 2017


DIODON Drone Technology offers drone solutions for all your inspection and reconnaissance missions in the most difficult environments. Light, compact and robust, the mini-drones offered by DIODON have the particularity of being equipped with an inflatable structure: only a minute is enough to inflate it and implement the drone. The inflatable structure is almost unbreakable and the system, completely waterproof, can land on water or snow.
  • PROMOTION #2 - May 2017


INTERNEST has developed a space-saving and easy-to-use local positioning system. It allows the drone to know its position to the nearest centimetre, even indoors, and can take over the GPS in areas where greater precision is required. Using this technology, they developed a precision drone landing module. INTERNEST has designed the hardware and software that allow any drone to land autonomously with unprecedented precision at the moment!
  • PROMOTION #2 - May 2017


LINKURIOUS is a big data visualization and analysis platform for understanding hidden connections in data. Its technology is already used by the French Ministry of Finance, by several banks to improve the detection of money laundering, and on computer security issues. Linkurious even collaborates with NASA, to make the information of one of its document bases easily usable, by developing a system more suitable than search engines.
  • PROMOTION #1 - March 2017


Sterblue implements automatic inspection solutions for sensitive sites around three main technologies: • Perception: our autonomous navigation algorithm around complex structures • Curiosity: our Deep Learning algorithm for automatic detection of defects in fences/intrusion • Sterblue cloud:  for storing and visualizing the entire data processed on different user interfaces.
  • PROMOTION #1 - March 2017