MOABI has developed an automated security solution for connected vehicles embedded software and the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to discover and understand their cyber strengths and weaknesses, the MOABI solution measures, compares and identifies points of improvement in cybersecurity in the development cycle. Website



MOS Nutrition (Military Optimized Superfoods) develops delicious, high-performance, healthy and natural snacks for soldiers and athletes. Whether at sea, on land or in the air, the MOS Energyball allows to have at all times on hand a snack bringing pleasure and a nutritional quality. Website

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Gwagenn develops airwaves jamming services and products for security applications. The company has developed a wave propagation model whose software is able to indicate from a GPS position that they are areas where interference is effective and where personnel can move safely. Website

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GoSecure is an innovative security solution that effectively connects people to security professionals, both public and private, with individual and collective alert management. The application allows people to enrich their traditional voice emergency calls. Website 



MONKILOWATT has developed a renewable electricity generator with storage designed to also become a shelter. In the form of a container, this innovative renewable energy production system is hybrid or self-sufficient, portable, deployable in less than a day to create a transformable shelter. Website

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LTU has developed multimedia visual search and recognition technologies. The dedicated applications concern the military domain, police investigation and trademark and copyright protection. Website



LABCOOR was born from the common will of a team of security specialists. They have developed a mobile solution to make the security of your events faster in its implementation, simpler in its concept and especially more reliable and efficient thanks to the provided technological means. Website



ThinkDeep develops virtual reality and augmented reality applications applied to the medical world, logistics, industry and defence/security sector. These applications are thus able to understand the context and interact with the user in a personalized way. Website



DIVA ROBOTICS is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of autonomous robots. With a multi-disciplinary approach, DIVA ROBOTICS offers a wide range of technical services to assist public and private operators at every stage of the development process for their robotic systems. Their flagship product is the PearlGuard, a mobile platform for monitoring and remote alert. Website



the science of automotive vibration with artificial intelligence, CARFIT has developed a technology that anticipates the maintenance needs on the parts of the running gear (brake, tire, shock absorber, etc.). Website



OUTSIGHT is developing a new generation of sensor, a revolutionary 3D Semantic Camera that offers a Full Environmental Perception to Smart Machines. This sensor combines software and hardware and offers major innovations such as remote identification of material composition and comprehensive real-time 3D data processing. This technology allows systems to perceive, understand and ultimately interact with their environment at an unprecedented level of cost and efficiency. Website



FLAMINEM offers an enhanced intelligence solution for investigation and analysis, using heterogeneous data fusion technology based on big data and artificial intelligence. In the area of Defence and Security, this software allows to quickly bring reliable information to support the armed forces and security forces. Website



EARTHCUBE offers sites-of-interest monitoring solutions based on satellite imagery. Through artificial intelligence algorithms, Earthcube can track activity of many areas of the globe and provide relevant activity indicators for its clients. The first service provided by EARTHCUBE aims for the tracking and safety of extensive infrastructures, such as pipelines. Website



ELIKA TEAM innovates by adopting an exclusively pragmatic approach to language learning, based on the effect to be obtained according to the individual goal to be achieved in a given professional environment by creating the first concept “Engineering and Innovative Language Solutions for Defence”. Like all industrialists in the world of defence, ELIKA TEAM has set up specific language programmes for the armed forces. Website



JALGOS was born from the double conviction that data holds hidden riches with extraordinary potential for business and for humanity in general, and that a rigorous approach, born of our love of science, is the only one capable of exposing and exploiting them efficiently and effectively. We are an enthusiastic team about innovation, modeling and computing, organized into an applied research center specializing in artificial intelligence, data science and algorithm design. Website



ICOHUP has developed a radioactivity sensor 10 times more sensitive than standard Geiger meters or radiameters. In addition to counting and dosimetry, RIUM provides spectrometric information. Connected to smartphone, drone, etc. it transmits data in real time on a dedicated platform (cartography, alerts, etc.). Objective: To strengthen the safety of people with an effective tool, easy to use at a competitive price. Website



Created in 2015, ITECA is a software publisher serving the Industry of the Future. Present in Angoulême and Paris, the company masters the technologies and ergonomics of the video game industry and brings them to the “big” industry in order to meet its needs of visualization of complex systems. For this, ITECA has a unique advantage which is the union between its artificial intelligence engine, Witty. ITECA also offers software solutions to increase the performance of industrial players in the field of operation, supervision, training or maintenance. Specializing in Digital Twin, preventive maintenance and control-command virtualization, ITECA also responds to the need to dematerialize continuous improvement by offering Numac, a multi-site software lean 4.0. Website



Numalis is a software editing company based in Montpellier that provides tools and services to help with the design and validation of AI systems. Numalis accelerates the conception, training and validation phases of AI. To do this, Numalis uses its expertise in AI analysis considering of formal methods for the measure of their robustness and explainability. As such, Numalis is involved in ISO/IEC standardization committees, AFNOR and French High Health Autority aiming to make AI more reliable and more explicable. Mr. IOUALALEN, CEO of Numalis, is editor of the ISO 24029 series of standards on the topics of AI robustness.Website

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LOKLY is a secure USB key for transporting and sharing sensitive data. Access to its content requires the proximity and authorization of its owner via a smartphone. LOKLY alerts the user and locks automatically in case of forgetting and can even allow the exchange of key-to-key files without a PC while blocking the hardware attacks. Website



MIM&TECH is a company specializing in camouflage, covering from man to machine. MIM&TECH brings to the benefit of the operators of the different units, her 22 years of experience acquired within the French special forces. The camouflage devices were designed and created to give tools that meet the criteria of lightness, simplicity, ergonomics with ease of realization and implementation. All products offered by MIM&TECH are manufactured in France. Website



PHOENIX EQUIPEMENT  develops the individual equipment of today and tomorrow of the operatives of the forces of the order and the armies. From camouflage to small accessories to mounting interfaces and customized individual accessories, the company is constantly working to solve the problems of field staff by offering innovative solutions where the end user is at the centre of research and ergonomics a constant. Website



The essence of OLEA INNOVATION is to create new solutions using simple, reliable, efficient and economical means and methods. The company develops three product lines: 

    • Incapacitating products based on aqueous foam with active elements with possible tracers, for the maintenance of order and the protection of space, immediate and controlled effectiveness and without impact on health;  
    • Explosion protection products allowing the total attenuation of shock waves of any type of explosion, IED whether under vehicles or not; 
    • Lightweight, flexible anti-ballistic materials used in the manufacture of protective devices such as bulletproof vests or reactive armor.




OTHELLO proposes a scientific approach to human behavior. They measure, quantify and analyze individual reactions. Then they build statistical models of decision support, specifically adapted to each field situation, and allowing to distinguish the lie from the truth at a rate greater than 75%. They thus help those in charge to assess the credibility of suspects to secure their decisions. Website



SURICOG brings a unique, multidisciplinary know-how, at the crossroads of optics, opto-electronics, neurosciences and computer science that makes it the specialist of the connected eye, in its Human-Machine interactions aspects and neurocognition. Suricog has developed the only human-machine interface based on the eye, presenting the characteristics of being in real-time, mobile and integrated into a whole range of uses. Website



PHYSIP is a French company, located in Paris, specializing in the analysis of sleep and vigilance via the electroencephalogram (EEG). PHYSIP designs, develops and markets innovative software solutions, all based on the same fully automatic analysis approach, on the electroencephalogram (EEG) alone and only 2 EEG sensors: sleep analysis, drowsiness analysis, monitoring the risk of degraded performance. Website  



STYCKR offers an asset management solution using an active system deployed on products for tracking, inventory, securing and zoning of these products throughout their life cycle. STYCKR uses the harvested data to optimize the supply chain and provide business intelligence tools. Website



WARYME is a young startup from Rennes, specializing in the development of mobile solutions to strengthen the security of institutions in response to the threat of intrusion or attack and other major risks. From warning in the event of a threat, to intervention by the relief forces, our ambition is to revolutionize the means of crisis communication, and digitize the security plans of companies and public authorities. Website



TEXPLAINED is the specialist in IC reverse engineering and security against piracy and counterfeiting. The French company supports manufacturers and institutions throughout the entire life cycle of their electronic systems: from the design of secure circuits to the management of hardware obsolescence, through the analysis and improvement of circuit safety in the field. Texplained provides two types of services :

  • Evaluation: Exploration of circuits to analyse potential security flaws, detect the presence of backdoors (hardware trojans), recover the design and software of an obsolete component for its replacement;
  • Protection: Improved protection of electronic components against the recovery of their embedded data (private, industrial, government data)

Texplained also offers trainings on reverse engineering and attack techniques actually used by hackers to uncover the secrets embedded in our civilian and military electronic systems. Website



UNIRIS provides the most advanced biometric authentication in the world, based on 12 patents. The Uniris biometric device is both transportable, compatible with many computer devices, able to recognize any person in the world’s population, capable of learning the morphological evolution of authenticated individuals and for the first time without any storage of keys. Uniris also provides a revolutionary communications system without configuration and able to withstand quantum computers by changing cryptographic key for each communication. Website



ZAPATA™ is the undisputed leader in the development and manufacture of hydro and jet powered technologies and products. The methodology, algorithms and patented designs are currently being commercialized and under development in the leisure, military and medical sectors. In 2016, Zapata™ completed the development and launched the safest, most reliable, lightest, fastest and cheapest personal flight system ever created with the Flyboard Air. Website